Authentic Therapeutic Telomerase Products

The Pursuit of Telomere Health Products Based on Solid Science

Guest Blog by @TelomereRX

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Clarity and integrity of process is paramount in the introduction of new science and its beneficial application.  Disinformation ties a yellow ribbon around every product or service tree obscuring the genuine gold for society in scientific progress.  It is easy to hashtag a label on social media and plug a product with little or no science behind it.

It is also important for us to realize, as tweeted by Margaret Atwood, that all publishing, even via easy-on social media, still bears every accountability and liability of any published work.

@TelomereRX seeks specifically to identify effective therapeutic application of Telomere Science as represented by 2009 Nobel Prize Laureates, Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider and Jack Szostak as well as other leading academics and Telomere Scientists like Bill Andrews, Maria Blasco, Jerry Shay, Calvin Harley and Sandy Chang.  Leading practitioners of therapeutic application we follow include Gabriel Cousins and Ed Park.   Bill Andrews and Noel Patton belong to a category of courageous and ground breaking entrepreneurs seeking to link the best of responsible science with its earliest effective and safe therapeutic application.

The complex matter of early stage telomere testing procedures, due a separate blog, represents a nascent field of entrants where even the most advanced laboratories are challenged to replicate consistent readings from the same samples.  The lower cost less specific labs find themselves marketing a service for determining average telomere length that is increasingly marginalized by the evolving science as insignificant to individual health diagnosis because effective treatment is measured by a reduction of short telomere clusters not average length of a body’s general cellular telomere population numbering several quadrillion in the adult human.

A significant challenge for Telomere Science in realizing an application for human life extension is that it serves little purpose for government or vested interests and therefore lacks official funding.  It also threatens to revolutionize and simplify general health diagnosis and follow up care which currently thrives on complexity and its status as a valued growth industry that perpetuates itself on symptomatic treatment rather than health breakthrough.

It is the intent of writings like this to stimulate a crowdsourced dialogue to progressively distill the status of this ongoing science, also to clarify the  formulation and  science honesty of products and finally to highlight the effectiveness of services to the benefit of those seeking health and not just treatment.

This particular Twitter discussion revolves around Sisel Safe, one of the more prolific users of the twitter hastagged  #Telomere  and  #Telomerase.  There seems to more enthusiasm than scientific substance offered for this product.  We  would be pleased to have a response from the company itself or one of the 15 company scientists alluded to yesterday in a now deleted tweet.

Some background on this discussion:

1. Follow up studies on nutraceuticals that can lengthen telomeres are underway but are both time consuming and expensive.  Currently, products that contain proven telomere lengthening antigens in vitro lack the adequate scientific follow up studies for in vivo ((human) application.  They may therefore be labeled as a Telomere Support Product until reliable and consistent findings from the studies confirm encouraging anecdotal reports.

2. Among more than 16,000 peer reviewed articles on telomeres and health it is generally agreed that all healthy lifestyle choices including even moods, exercise or responsible nutrition can mitigate the progressive annual shortening of telomeres of a minimum of 50 to 100 base pairs. Therefore any healthy product can claim to be telomere supportive.

3.  The following Twitter exchange refers to the astragalus  herb ingredient which is a proven Telomerase activator at 6% HeLa, with a 100% HeLa activation being an agreed standard for full activation of cell immortality.  Specifically it is the TA-60 and 65 phytochemicals in the herb root that were identified by the University of Hong Kong as activators and not the root itself.  Noel Patton’s company states that it takes over 1000 pounds of astragalus root to harvest enough TA-65 for single person’s annual dose.  Thus the high prices.  It is possible to achieve better prices by adding only the root and not the expensive phytochemicals to a telomere support product. Sissel Safe however claims that “TS-X is the most powerful anti-aging and longevity support product ever.” at a fraction of the the TA-65 price.  That seems unlikely particularly when they seem reluctant to share the science behind their claims

4.  Bill Andrews who discovered the human telomerase gene in 1994 and provided the scientific platform for subsequent telomerase activation research, helped spearhead the initial launch and test of Noel Patton’s TA-65 in 2007.  He has since launched Product B, a nutraceutical including 15 proven telomerase activators but containing no astragalus phytochemicals. In his A4M address in December 2013 at Las Vegas he said there were three products on the market today that his laboratory has verified to activate telomerase production in the cell and stimulate telomere re-lengthening.  Since Bill already disclosed Product B and TA-65 as proven activators this article asks the question if Sissel Safe is the third proven product.

We welcome your feedback.

This Twitter record of the discussion is also available reading first tweet from the bottom and up.

Response from Dr. Ed Park to this Article

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Borje Melin Canada Sweden USA Advocate, Researcher Local Fuel & Food Systems, Net Zero Energy Housing, Blockchain Encrypted Currencies, Wellness Researcher, Carpenter, Government Consultant, Writer, Social Media Developer, Hiker, Farmer, Photographer Follow me on Twitter as @BorjeMelin In 1982 working as a major industry headhunter and financial consultant I had a disturbing and transformational encounter with my immediate future. I saw the world on fire, economically and environmentally, leaving people desperate for survival. Within weeks I permanently left all that was familiar and plunged into international travel/residence and countless promising business pursuits in search of an adequate response for myself, my family, my immediate and my extended community to this troubling vision. Thirty years later, and still en route, I am finding my way in #socialmedia and self publishing to gain a leveraged voice and new like minded friends to discover and embrace practical and genuine solutions that at minimum require a radical restructuring of all inherited social institutions and reformulation for first stage economic and ecological survival then welcome of an inevitable universal prosperity and well-being. INTERESTS: National Happiness Factors, Neurocardiology, Transition of Ineffective Global Institutions, Bridging Ancestral Health Wisdom and Breakthrough Medical Technology also Advocate for its grassroots access and distribution to rebalance and popularize Healthcare, MOOC, Government/Private Industry Collaboration, Alternative Fuel Systems, Bi-Fuel Vehicles, Closed-Loop Farming, Aquaponics, Distributed Small Scale Energy Generation, Off-Grid Living, Self (e)-Publishing, New Currency and Banking Systems, Reform of Partisan Political Systems, Electricity Demand-Side Management Programs, Women Leadership, Inter-Regional Based Trade Systems and Technology Transfer, Railroad Construction, Extractive Industries Reform, Self-Propagation of All-Inclusive, No-Fee, Highly profitable Recycling Systems, Strategic International Consulate Support for Island and Other Tiny Countries, Intuitive and Heart Based Project Development
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3 Responses to Authentic Therapeutic Telomerase Products

  1. Hello Borje, and thank you for your valuable and informative posts about Telomeres and Telomerase; I was referred to you by someone who is equally passionate about the great promise, based on strong scientific evidence, of Telomere Biology. Let me introduce myself: I am David Cross, the Founder & President of a relatively new player in this field, Telomere Biosciences, which I formed in 2010. As background, from 2002-2008, I was Exec. VP and General Manager of TA Sciences, including for the development and launch of TA-65.

    So for the past 12 years I have been very deeply immersed in this exciting, breakthrough science–and its application–working closely with key experts like Cal Harley and Bill Andrews, and studying in depth the profound Telomere-related research especially of: Maria Blasco, Elizabeth Blackburn, Elisa Eppel, Rita Effros (UCLA), Carol Greider, Mary Armanios (Johns Hopkins), Jerry Shay, Michael Fossel, Abraham Aviv, Richard Cawthon, Thomas von Zglinicki, K. Lenhard Rudolph, and Ronald DePinho, among many others.

    –The specific Mission of Telomere Biosciences is: 1.) to apply the very latest findings and advances in Telomere Biology, which have been immense even in just the past 7 years since TA-65 was launched in 2007, to develop the most advanced and comprehensive Telomere-lengthening and telomerase-activating Nutritional Supplements available; and 2.) to make the profound health benefits of Telomere Science accessible, including price-accessible, not only to the wealthy, but to the millions of people worldwide who can benefit from longer Telomeres for a longer Healthspan.

    –I am confident that we have accomplished both parts of our Mission with our flagship supplement: ‘TELO-100 with T-Activator 150,’ which I am very proud and humbled to say is that “#3 product on the market today” which Dr. Andrews referred to in his December 2013 presentation to the A4M. In fact, in a videotaped presentation on February 23, 2012, Dr. Andrews said: “There are 3 Telomerase inducers on the market; the first was TA-65, from TA Sciences; Product B, from Isagenix; and the absolute newest is T-Activator 100 [now TELO-100 with T-Activator 150] from Telomere Biosciences.”

    While we have great respect and appreciation for both TA-65 and Product B, we respectfully submit that there is now overwhelming scientific evidence from the work of the pioneers above, confirming that while activating telomerase via exogenous small molecule telomerase activators is of course vitally important [and TELO-100 includes 9 such compounds, including 6 of the top 9 herbal ingredients in Product B], that there are several other major causes of Telomere shortening, ALL of which should be addressed to have the maximum positive impact on Telomere length which is, after all, the scientific and medical goal. Specifically, TELO-100 is the first and only Telomere supplement to attack not only telomerase activation (TA), but also: –Oxidative Stress, which can reduce telomerase activity by 50-70%, and double the rate of Telomere shortening [Harley/Andrews/Blasco 2010; Blackburn 2010; Kurz 2004; von Zglinicki 2002] –Inflammation, which increases the rate of Telomere shortening and has a major impact on telomerase activity [Blacburn 2011; Baekart 2007; Aviv 2009] –Inhibiting the inflammatory cytokine TNF-alpha, which can actually increase telomerase activity by 1.25 to 1.78-fold [Effros, 2009 & 2011] –Cortisol and Homocysteine, each of which can reduce telomerase activity by up to 50%, and each accelerates Telomere shortening [Blackburn 2011; Effros 2008; Zhu 2006; Aviv 2008]

    We will leave for another day the discussion of integrating into any Telomere Supplement program several critically-important and scientifically-supported pro-Telomere/Telomerase Lifestyle actions [e.g, the Blackburn/Epel controlled study showing that those engaging in Yogic Mindfulness Meditation showed a 43% Increase in Telomerase Activity vs. Control!]

    Finally, let me say that I very much appreciate and respect your Mission to advance the dialogue in this exciting and ground-breaking field, and while Telomere Biosciences/TELO-100 are competitors in the commercial side of Telomere Science, we are equally committed to follow the model I have learned from Dr. Bill Andrews, which is our obligation to also put competition aside, and to help advance in any way we can the emerging science of Telomere Biology to the benefit of all; so I am very excited and proud to join the dialogue.
    — David B. Cross, Founder & President, Telomere Biosciences;; Cell 917.370.7456. Contact me and I am happy to supply all scientific references for the above.

  2. Shirley Cheng says:

    Hi I m waiting for your reply . Thanks

    • Börje Melin says:

      Sorry, Shirley, for the delay in responding. Somehow I missed your inquiry until just now. There are many opportunities and exciting products in this field. I am travelling today but will send you a brief summary of possible ways forward to introduce some possible ways we can collaborate on this. If you can tell me what country or area you would like to work in and a little about yourself we can get started.

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