Trading Places

TODAY A TWITTER FRIEND AND ENGINEER FROM AFRICA ASKED ME  ABOUT  job prospects in North America.   This is my, probably unexpected, reply.


Dear Friend,

A recent somewhat defensive study from a group advocating the continued ascendancy and privilege due to those of white European origins came to some alarming – for them – conclusions.  The study discovered that there is today exactly a 1:1 ratio of the roughly one third of the global population that is labeled black or white.  As recently as 1950 the white/black ratio was 3:1.

As a percentage of world inhabitants the white population will plummet to a single digit (9.76%) by 2060 from a high-water mark of 27.98% in 1950. Using 2010 as the base reference, the black or sub-Sahara African group will expand almost 133% to 2.7 billion by 2060. By the middle of this century blacks will represent 25.38% of world population which is up dramatically from the 8.97% they recorded in 1950.  This is almost an exact reversal of global black white population proportions within approximately a century.


Trading Places

In 1950 whites and blacks were, respectively, 27.98% and 8.97% of world population. By 2060 these figures will almost reverse as blacks surge to 25.38% and whites shrink to 9.76%.

Inside systemic global funds and their long range economic plans were allocated to Africa a decade or more ago because, more than anywhere else on earth, Africa is emerging as the most robust international market for cars, refrigerators, digital technology and other consumer goods and empowered lifestyle cravings.  Already Africa enjoys relatively advanced and more affordable cellular phone technology, while in North America, dumbed down and unnecessarily expensive smartphone technology and access  is designed to pay dues still owed on a century old financed cross-country grid of copper wiring.

You ask about job opportunities in America.  Consider this. Compared to even Europe and the rest of the world the vested interests in America are struggling to maintain their control by repressing advanced technology.  This should concern you as an engineer.  Detroit car manufacturers have sued the state of California for future emission standards that have already been in effect in China for many years. The very same car makes and models in Europe that routinely get over 50 mpg are re-engineered to a more suitable 35 mpg in the US to support the oil industry and the tax structure.  This production model Volvo hybrid, for example, that gets up to 130 miles to a gallon, and is illegal in the USA, must leave the country within 30 days if brought in as a tourist vehicle.  Failing that it is subject to being seized and dismantled.  To introduce this model and technology to the USA Volvo has scaled back the range by more  than half and is currently labeling it as a “concept car”.  


Mature economies like America are struggling to stay viable.  They are bearing the burden of depopulation and servicing a rapidly graying and socially top-heavy population.  Canada and the USA are notably losing a viable middle class as market forces and government policies are increasingly  impoverishing the many and benefiting the few. Today one family alone in the USA has a greater net worth than 40 % of the entire population and few families can stay above the poverty line with a single spouse in the workforce.   In North America I see a continuing trend of full time jobs being replaced by minimum wage jobs.  The weekly paycheque continues to shrink causing social unrest.

The developed world faces an international right-sizing (deflating) of historically engineered currencies and economic privilege. America’s international special halo status is tarnishing even as it only begins to contemplate a fair-minded and non-military strategy to meet its seriously over-due and crippling international debt obligations.

Well qualified professional immigrants like you coming to North America often end up driving taxis or taking other menial jobs due to industry protectionism that routinely and unreasonably denies the validity of foreign professional certification. Too often  a punishing re-certification process is invented to reduce job competition .

All by themselves the Western Developed World has fashioned the painful social and economic dilemma in which it is  enmeshed but segments of the population are only too eager to find convenient scapegoats to bear the blame.  Immigrants and even people of different colour can be most welcome suspects.

If  you still wish to leave Uganda for work then Europe is much safer. The USA incarceration rate is more than 10 x greater than Europe for essentially similar economies.  If you happen to be Black or Hispanic the rate within the USA is 5 times greater than that 10:1 ratio. As a black male in the USA you are 31 x more likely to be jailed than you would be in Uganda. If you raise a black son in the USA, time was (in 1980) that 3:1 on average he was more likely to go to college or university than jail.  Today more black young men go to jail than higher education.  In this regard Uganda is much more enlightened than America. Stay safe.  Stay Home.

The opportunities and strong future for you  are overwhelmingly in Africa not in the shrinking economy of any OECD country.

I advise you to stay home and help build the emerging new world in Africa.  Enjoy the new technologies you already have in Uganda that may not be available or legal in America. You may do well to contact a hungry North America or Europe based engineering firm to offer your professional and local expertise to help them capitalize on this arriving tidal wave of construction and development that is materializing faster than you could possibly believe.

I suggest you experience the US and Canada as a tourist rather than immigrant.  They are wonderful countries to visit but daunting for an immigrant mainly because they are in economic decline.

Africa today offers unprecedented growth and development opportunities for Africans and for the rest of the world.  Being a bridge to that opportunity could be a very good choice for you.


About Börje Melin

Borje Melin Canada Sweden USA Advocate, Researcher Local Fuel & Food Systems, Net Zero Energy Housing, Blockchain Encrypted Currencies, Wellness Researcher, Carpenter, Government Consultant, Writer, Social Media Developer, Hiker, Farmer, Photographer Follow me on Twitter as @BorjeMelin In 1982 working as a major industry headhunter and financial consultant I had a disturbing and transformational encounter with my immediate future. I saw the world on fire, economically and environmentally, leaving people desperate for survival. Within weeks I permanently left all that was familiar and plunged into international travel/residence and countless promising business pursuits in search of an adequate response for myself, my family, my immediate and my extended community to this troubling vision. Thirty years later, and still en route, I am finding my way in #socialmedia and self publishing to gain a leveraged voice and new like minded friends to discover and embrace practical and genuine solutions that at minimum require a radical restructuring of all inherited social institutions and reformulation for first stage economic and ecological survival then welcome of an inevitable universal prosperity and well-being. INTERESTS: National Happiness Factors, Neurocardiology, Transition of Ineffective Global Institutions, Bridging Ancestral Health Wisdom and Breakthrough Medical Technology also Advocate for its grassroots access and distribution to rebalance and popularize Healthcare, MOOC, Government/Private Industry Collaboration, Alternative Fuel Systems, Bi-Fuel Vehicles, Closed-Loop Farming, Aquaponics, Distributed Small Scale Energy Generation, Off-Grid Living, Self (e)-Publishing, New Currency and Banking Systems, Reform of Partisan Political Systems, Electricity Demand-Side Management Programs, Women Leadership, Inter-Regional Based Trade Systems and Technology Transfer, Railroad Construction, Extractive Industries Reform, Self-Propagation of All-Inclusive, No-Fee, Highly profitable Recycling Systems, Strategic International Consulate Support for Island and Other Tiny Countries, Intuitive and Heart Based Project Development
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