A Resting Place

Along the road there have been places of great rest and beauty provided by kind friends, many of whom were just recently strangers…. red mountains, hummingbirds that land on my nose while I sleep in the sun and go out of their way to hover in my face to greet me, a vibrant year round mountain stream always singing by my doorstep, carrying a depth that readily swallows and renews my tired body, the restful bounty and seasonal extravagance of an orchard hosting a variety of prolific fruit trees, a vineyard bearing foreign and domestic grapes and two fat nonchalant greenskeepers daily trimming and feeding the grass – sheep – named Woolly and Bully.

“She passed away the year before last”, offered our landlord, and also now yet one more dear friend.  We were prodding the orchard with pruning shears and rakes to wake it for Spring. He was used to sharp instruments that re-order life’s forms, having spent nearly four decades behind a surgeon’s scalpel in this country and in many others abroad. He was speaking of his cousin’s wife. “My cousin and his children received a gift of money in memory, and bought a little apricot tree.  They wanted to plant it at the root of an old apple tree in our orchard and spent the day wrestling with the old stump, pulverizing it with a chain saw to prepare the planting place. It’s doing well and will double in height this year. It’s unusual for an apricot tree to bear fruit in it’s first year.”

I had earlier met his cousin briefly, a tall, gentle, warm and elegant man, maybe in his early seventies. He comes from time to time with his grandchildren to celebrate this canyon in which he played as a youth, then shared with his cherished life partner and his growing family.  Now he’s a grandfather like me.

I took my camera and wrote some words about a woman I never met but whose love and vitality reflects in people I have come to know – kind and thoughtful people who lived and laughed with her and still share her life … and so many dear memories.

A Little Apricot Tree


This little apricot tree seems almost insignificant and forlorn at a distant glance.



Up close it breathes with life and shimmers in vibrant beauty.


It lives in the parenthesis of  mighty Sycamores.


Leaving the limits of its imprisonment, it soars to the sky beyond the tallest trees,


Dances among all living things,


And shares the strength of Mountains.


About Börje Melin

Borje Melin Canada Sweden USA Advocate, Researcher Local Fuel & Food Systems, Net Zero Energy Housing, Blockchain Encrypted Currencies, Wellness Researcher, Carpenter, Government Consultant, Writer, Social Media Developer, Hiker, Farmer, Photographer Follow me on Twitter as @BorjeMelin In 1982 working as a major industry headhunter and financial consultant I had a disturbing and transformational encounter with my immediate future. I saw the world on fire, economically and environmentally, leaving people desperate for survival. Within weeks I permanently left all that was familiar and plunged into international travel/residence and countless promising business pursuits in search of an adequate response for myself, my family, my immediate and my extended community to this troubling vision. Thirty years later, and still en route, I am finding my way in #socialmedia and self publishing to gain a leveraged voice and new like minded friends to discover and embrace practical and genuine solutions that at minimum require a radical restructuring of all inherited social institutions and reformulation for first stage economic and ecological survival then welcome of an inevitable universal prosperity and well-being. INTERESTS: National Happiness Factors, Neurocardiology, Transition of Ineffective Global Institutions, Bridging Ancestral Health Wisdom and Breakthrough Medical Technology also Advocate for its grassroots access and distribution to rebalance and popularize Healthcare, MOOC, Government/Private Industry Collaboration, Alternative Fuel Systems, Bi-Fuel Vehicles, Closed-Loop Farming, Aquaponics, Distributed Small Scale Energy Generation, Off-Grid Living, Self (e)-Publishing, New Currency and Banking Systems, Reform of Partisan Political Systems, Electricity Demand-Side Management Programs, Women Leadership, Inter-Regional Based Trade Systems and Technology Transfer, Railroad Construction, Extractive Industries Reform, Self-Propagation of All-Inclusive, No-Fee, Highly profitable Recycling Systems, Strategic International Consulate Support for Island and Other Tiny Countries, Intuitive and Heart Based Project Development
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8 Responses to A Resting Place

  1. Sally Forster says:

    Thanks for making my dear friend and cousin, Peg, live again. This is a beautiful piece and the photos are awesome. That’s our house in the Sycamore parenthesis.
    Sally Forster

  2. dagborje says:

    Your Sycamores are awesome, Sally. Thank you for sharing them and for your kind words..

  3. Nancy Forster says:

    Your piece was deeply moving – you brought Peggy, my sister-in-law, back to the front of my mind and reminded me that she is resting in a beautiful spot…wherever that may be. Many thanks Warmly, Nancy Forster

    • dagborje says:

      Thank you, Nancy, for taking the time to stop by and share such warm words. I noticed 20 minutes ago that most of the blooms from this little tree for Peggy are already blown off reminding me of the brief seasons of life, opportunity and sharing with each other. It’s also early for it to bear fruit on such tender branches. Better it puts the summer growth into it’s trunk and branches.

  4. Cat says:

    lovely trees and the blossoms are so delicate…

    • dagborje says:

      Nice of you to stop by, Katharina. I was thinking about the old growth trees of several hundred years you spoke of, near your home in Germany, and the wonder of these living friends found everywhere.

  5. dagborje says:

    That would be great!

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