Feeling God Feeling Me: Background (Part 4)


I felt led to introduce Roman to Darby.  After their first meeting Roman confronted me, asking in an almost injured tone, why I never told him that Darby had God’s eyes.  Then he announced that they would co-author a book on “Feeling Good, Feeling God”.

It became clear to Roman that this book must be finished by midnight March 31, less than a month away.  It had been made crystal clear to me from the beginning in a graphic dream that something pure was coming from somewhere to grace my life – even before the possibility of this book was on the horizon – and that I must not attempt to add anything to this process.  Since the mood of this message was rather serious I had no inclination at all to help steer what Roman and Darby would write.

Half way through March Roman, reverting his disciplined author mode, had written 60 impressive pages and Darby had not written any.  After being somewhat out of sorts over Darby’s lack of participation, Roman suddenly got a strong urge to scrap his composition. He knew the book was to come by other means, needing no contribution from him apart from his availability.  Having briefly mourned the rejection of his “best work to date” Roman accompanied Darby to a rural cottage, that arranged itself on short notice, to quietly receive and record the book over a span of several days.

And so the book arrived in nightly installments, in the wee morning hours of several successive days.  After each active day Darby would retire to bed as Roman would go sit by his computer, fingers on the keyboard, attempting to write something meaningful yet eventually slumping ‘Edgar Cayce style’ into a deep altered consciousness.  Each morning he would waken vaguely remembering somewhere far away hitting one key at a time, sometimes a series of keys, just trying to stay awake.  In the morning he would discover the computer screen had recorded some meaningless string of letters without punctuation, word or sentence breaks – a kind of otherworldly Morse Code transmission.

Disappointed that they were unable to connect with the promised book Darby and Roman sat staring that first morning at the pages of random gibberish.  Suddenly they discovered that these ‘random’ letters’ spelled out a perfect sequence of words and elegant sentences strung together, complete, needing no editing except separation of the words and addition of some punctuation.

On subsequent mornings Roman read to Darby what he could only vaguely remember writing the night before.  Darby immediately called me each day excitedly sharing the new  pristine and complete additions.  The regal tone and resonating truths of the unfolding message reflected an authority and authenticity that stirred deep emotions in each one of us.  True to Roman’s initial intuition, at exactly 11:55 p.m. on March 31, 2006 the transmissions stopped.  The book was complete!

In the end it was Roman and Darby who put the finishing touches on the message that had started so many years earlier at 5 Mill St. South.   Darby and Roman, like lightning rods in a thunderstorm picked up the signal.  Darby’s wholehearted love and genuine openness amplified the signal while Roman, enlightened by “God’s eyes”, recorded the details.

Shortly after completion of the book Roman announced we that needed to launch the book on April 15, the Easter night of the resurrection.  There was no leeway afforded in this directive.  With only a few days to make arrangements Sonya offered to hold the book launch at her store.  That Black Saturday evening 34 people packed elbow to elbow into the backroom of the bookstore of 5 Mill St. South for the inaugural reading of Feeling God, the same room where Darby gave her Reiki treatments.  Sonya introduced Roman and explained that her little store would have to grow in larger premises to accommodate the many new people that would be coming.

I knew the book had been created by the unity and combined love of the individuals drawn to 5 Mill St. South over the years. I am privileged to know four of these wonderful people.  God only knows the names and faithful contributions of the many others that through the years prepared the way for this message of light to be received.

The story now continues to unfold beyond Paul’s erstwhile apartment, and Sonya’s little bookstore below that apartment, into and among the lives it touches.  Like Paul, Darby, Sonya and Roman you have now been invited, merely by the fact that you are reading this introduction, to join them in the living unfolding of this revelation.  Inviting your engagement, the book starts this way:

This book is a revelation. It is intended for those who are ready to receive it. It has found you because you are ready to begin. It is not meant to be understood. It is meant to be revealed.

May you be blessed to receive this book as it is meant for you and be guided in the choices you make.

Borje Melin

(Originally written in Burlington, Ontario,  May 2006)

………………Sequel to follow. 



About Börje Melin

Borje Melin Canada Sweden USA Advocate, Researcher Local Fuel & Food Systems, Net Zero Energy Housing, Blockchain Encrypted Currencies, Wellness Researcher, Carpenter, Government Consultant, Writer, Social Media Developer, Hiker, Farmer, Photographer Follow me on Twitter as @BorjeMelin In 1982 working as a major industry headhunter and financial consultant I had a disturbing and transformational encounter with my immediate future. I saw the world on fire, economically and environmentally, leaving people desperate for survival. Within weeks I permanently left all that was familiar and plunged into international travel/residence and countless promising business pursuits in search of an adequate response for myself, my family, my immediate and my extended community to this troubling vision. Thirty years later, and still en route, I am finding my way in #socialmedia and self publishing to gain a leveraged voice and new like minded friends to discover and embrace practical and genuine solutions that at minimum require a radical restructuring of all inherited social institutions and reformulation for first stage economic and ecological survival then welcome of an inevitable universal prosperity and well-being. INTERESTS: National Happiness Factors, Neurocardiology, Transition of Ineffective Global Institutions, Bridging Ancestral Health Wisdom and Breakthrough Medical Technology also Advocate for its grassroots access and distribution to rebalance and popularize Healthcare, MOOC, Government/Private Industry Collaboration, Alternative Fuel Systems, Bi-Fuel Vehicles, Closed-Loop Farming, Aquaponics, Distributed Small Scale Energy Generation, Off-Grid Living, Self (e)-Publishing, New Currency and Banking Systems, Reform of Partisan Political Systems, Electricity Demand-Side Management Programs, Women Leadership, Inter-Regional Based Trade Systems and Technology Transfer, Railroad Construction, Extractive Industries Reform, Self-Propagation of All-Inclusive, No-Fee, Highly profitable Recycling Systems, Strategic International Consulate Support for Island and Other Tiny Countries, Intuitive and Heart Based Project Development
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