Feeling God Feeling Me: Background (Part 3)


The little bookstore on 5 Mill St. South in Waterdown had a backroom where Darby met her Reiki clients.  As we sat on the  sidewalk bench in the early morning sun awaiting the proprietor to arrive and let us in, I remarked how my friend Paul had once lived in the apartment above this very same store.

Darby introduced me to the store proprietor, ‘Sonya Toussaint’, an intrepid single mother of two young children who had traded her high profile and successful entrepreneurial pursuits as the founder and principal of an aircraft maintenance company for the quest of a spiritual path and her vision to provide a setting and structure for the global development of spiritual centers.  Each time I was to visit ‘Soul Oasis’, Sonya’s eclectic little haven of inspirational gifts and books, something wonderfully out of the ordinary would happen. Confounding coincidences routinely and spontaneously punctuated our encounters lending a definite, if mysterious, confirmation to each visit.  Sonya’s bold and courageous pursuit of providing comprehensive spiritual resources through a much expanded center kept drawing me back to her store to assist her in any way I could.

In early 2006 once more the realization of the dream that had spanned three decades for Paul and me seemed to be within our grasp.  Independently Paul and I had once again reinvented ourselves, each in the renewable energy industry and this time all the pieces seemed to be in place to join forces in a comprehensive and sustainable response to the social and economic challenges facing the world.

Synchronicity beyond any explanation had coloured my day as I drove up the hill to Waterdown that snowy February morning in 2006.  I was on my way to Sonya’s bookstore needing to touch base with her on some matters.  Sonya was away and a single customer browsed the book titles.  As I hurried back out the door to my car I felt an invisible hand on my shoulder directing me back into the store to address the stranger.

I engaged ‘Roman Atkinson’ in conversation regarding four titles by Dr. David Hawkins that I had recommended Sonya to order. In her predictable bold fashion she had ordered enough copies to fill a whole shelf and maybe I was feeling responsible to move her stock. Speaking enthusiastically about the book themes and also the projects Paul and I were pursuing, it started to dawn on me that I had engaged a very knowledgeable and enlightened individual on topics more familiar to him than me.  He was not the least skeptical about my story and in fact volunteered to describe several coming scenarios that would open doors in our ventures.

Three hours later I had learned that this man was ‘sent’ to the store to wait for something important but unknown and that constantly stepping into the unknown with a trail of certainties behind him was a life pattern for this remarkable man.  I listened in fascination as guardedly but warmly he started to share his life’s story. I discovered this man was the author of 10 books and numerous articles on such diverse topics as alternative healing, advanced learning techniques, electronics and mathematics.

Roman had not led an ordinary life.  As a child he could ‘see’ energy in people and he understood healing.  He soon understood it was safer to keep this knowledge to himself since the adult world was not warmly welcoming of his observations.  As a youth he built lasers, computers and other electronic systems, many ahead of their time.  He chose also at this time to leave the loneliness and alienation of his ‘seeing’ and ‘knowing’ gift behind.

Being trained in military intelligence and special maneuvers he became trapped as he was ‘hot-dogging it’ in a coral reef and drowned.  Upon reviving in a morgue after five hours lifeless in the water his ‘sight’ came back and he re-dedicated his life to the development and use of his gifts for healing and helping.

I discovered he had certifications in 18 various alternative medicine practices.  Nursing, Shiatsu, acupuncture, Reiki and reflexology were some of the fields he had mastered.  He spoke of assisting in more than 1000 home births and regularly performing distance healing.   His fascinating life had led him to travel and work quietly in some 60 countries, complete his pilot/IFR rating as well as develop numerous mechanical skills and certifications.  He had started and run several successful companies, studied as a resident in a Sufi ashram and attained warrior and shaman status with a Canadian first nation’s tribe.

….to be continued


About Börje Melin

Borje Melin Canada Sweden USA Advocate, Researcher Local Fuel & Food Systems, Net Zero Energy Housing, Blockchain Encrypted Currencies, Wellness Researcher, Carpenter, Government Consultant, Writer, Social Media Developer, Hiker, Farmer, Photographer Follow me on Twitter as @BorjeMelin In 1982 working as a major industry headhunter and financial consultant I had a disturbing and transformational encounter with my immediate future. I saw the world on fire, economically and environmentally, leaving people desperate for survival. Within weeks I permanently left all that was familiar and plunged into international travel/residence and countless promising business pursuits in search of an adequate response for myself, my family, my immediate and my extended community to this troubling vision. Thirty years later, and still en route, I am finding my way in #socialmedia and self publishing to gain a leveraged voice and new like minded friends to discover and embrace practical and genuine solutions that at minimum require a radical restructuring of all inherited social institutions and reformulation for first stage economic and ecological survival then welcome of an inevitable universal prosperity and well-being. INTERESTS: National Happiness Factors, Neurocardiology, Transition of Ineffective Global Institutions, Bridging Ancestral Health Wisdom and Breakthrough Medical Technology also Advocate for its grassroots access and distribution to rebalance and popularize Healthcare, MOOC, Government/Private Industry Collaboration, Alternative Fuel Systems, Bi-Fuel Vehicles, Closed-Loop Farming, Aquaponics, Distributed Small Scale Energy Generation, Off-Grid Living, Self (e)-Publishing, New Currency and Banking Systems, Reform of Partisan Political Systems, Electricity Demand-Side Management Programs, Women Leadership, Inter-Regional Based Trade Systems and Technology Transfer, Railroad Construction, Extractive Industries Reform, Self-Propagation of All-Inclusive, No-Fee, Highly profitable Recycling Systems, Strategic International Consulate Support for Island and Other Tiny Countries, Intuitive and Heart Based Project Development
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